Teaching Tips

Young children come with an attention span of about one minute for every year of age

Changing to a new activity at the right time is the secret to keeping their attention

The more a child sees, hears and does, the more he or she will learn 
    Little Blessings Bible Lessons contains word sheets which have all words and numbers used during the My Bible Verse activity. The words are large so that young children can see them easily. Click here to see a list of these Bible verses for children.
    When preparing a lesson, print the corresponding word sheet(s) and cut out each word, leaving at least a ¼ inch border. Next, cut a simple shape out of a piece of colored construction paper which is larger than the word. Glue the word onto the shape. We recommend that you place clear, sticky-backed plastic on the back of the shape, so that it does not get torn during use.
How to Prepare and Do the My Bible Verse Activity
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    During class, place the verse words between the pages of your Bible, allowing them to partially stick out. Invite the children, one at a time, to choose a verse word from your Bible. Show the children the word as you say it. Have an adult helper place the words, in order, onto a wall about three feet from the floor (use sticky clay or tape). Continue until the Bible verse is formed. Ask your children to stand in front of the Bible verse, either individually, or in groups of two or three. Help them say the Bible verse, one word at a time. Praise your children after they have said it. Even if a child is not able to speak yet, we put their little hand on each word, and say it. By the time children are old enough to speak, they are eager to say the Bible verse with us. The entire class hears the Bible verse many times, because they listen to each other.
    If you want to try this activity, you can go to our page with all the Bible lessons. Each lesson My Bible Verse word sheets. You may also print your own words from Bible verses that you have selected. We suggest printing the words with font Arial, font size 97.