My Bible Verse time combines colorful visuals with an exciting activity.  It is an opportunity for young children to receive a small portion of scripture into their hearts.  Each week they seem to look forward to this part of the class with extra eagerness.  For instructions about preparing and teaching the My Bible Verse activity, visit the My Bible Verse page.
How to Prepare and Teach a Lesson
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Teaching Tips

Consider how much Jesus wanted the little children to come to Him -   how much more then, is He willing to help someone like you, who has offered to be the one to bring these children to Him.
     Each lesson contains instructions for telling the stories and preparing the crafts in that lesson. However, we have included additional information below that will help you as you prepare. A lesson takes about one hour to teach.
    The crafts in Little Blessings Bible Lessons are easy and economical to make. In order to help you visualize the craft before you make it, a color image of each completed craft is included included with each lesson on this site. These images may be viewed on your computer screen and printed.
    Before class, make or print a sample of each craft for the lesson. Use the sample crafts to show your children what they will be doing. We have found that a beautiful sample craft often inspires children to do their best in making their own craft. To prepare the crafts printed from this site, you will need white paper, colored paper, crayons, children's stickers, 1/8 inch ribbon, stick glue, and a few other common craft materials. For a large group of children, you may want to use a copy machine to copy printouts of the crafts.
    All stories use visual aids or exciting activities. Some examples of visual aids used are, sample crafts, small puppets, demonstrations, models, and costumes. Some examples of exciting activities used are songs, action poems, pretending, and questions that reach a child's heart.  Use the corresponding sample craft as a visual aid for each story unless instructed otherwise. For example, use Craft 1 for Story 1, unless other visual aids or activities are called out. Visual aids are made using household items according to easy instructions.
    As an added feature, the Bible Stories are set up so they may be used with Betty Lukens felt visuals. Use of these felt visuals is by no means a requirement. Click here if you want our instructions for using Betty Lukens felt visuals with Little Blessings Bible Lessons.