Teaching Tips

The gateway to a young child's heart is through the five senses

Pray for your children and the other classroom workers throughout the week

Both in class and out, leave your cares with God
    Did you realize that in many nations, preschool children make up a large part of the population? Jesus loves all of these little ones and knows them by name. In all parts of the world, young children need to be taught the Bible. They are so important to God's heart. The fields are ripe for harvest. Children who are taught about Jesus from an early age, will easily accept Him into their hearts.
Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World
    To those of you who are missionaries, we want to encourage you in your ministry. We realize that many of you may be facing persecution and tremendous challenges. What you do is so important. You are God's heart and hands to the children you see. Yes, the work is great. But God is even greater. We have heard a quote attributed to D. L. Moody. He was often asked how many were saved through his ministry. He would say, "two and a half people came to know Jesus today." The person said, "Oh, two adults and one child." "No," came the reply. "Two children and one adult. Each child has their entire life before them."
    We are giving you access to the complete set of Little Blessings Bible Lessons on this site to help you in your ministry to children on the mission field. These lessons may be used by missionries, as well as parents and teachers of young children in countries outside the United States.
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    Every time you share Jesus' love with young children in your own community, you are planting a seed in them.  And when these little ones bring home crafts and stories with a Bible message on them, you are planting a seed into the lives of their families. You may or may not travel to another country to tell little children about Jesus, but you can pray for missionaries whom you know of.  Many of them serve in countries where little children have never heard about Jesus even one time.
   Would you like to teach your kids about children in other countries who are learning about Jesus? We have printable photos and stories available to help you do this. Click below to find out more!
For access to the complete set of Little Blessings Bible Lessons in English, click here

For access to the complete set of Little Blessings Bible Lessons in Spanish, click here