Hi, I'm Sharon.  Donald and I have been teaching preschoolers in Sunday School since 1983. We both love teaching this age. They are like little sponges, taking in everything. Teaching preschool children is truly teaching by faith.  They are not adults who come up after class and say "Wow, I like what you said today." But doesn't a hug say it all? Sometimes we don't think that our children have heard a single word in class. We are amazed to find out later that they tell their parents all about the stories or start singing the songs at home.
     Over the years, we have supplemented whatever curriculum we were using with our own crafts, stories and other ideas. We always wanted to make sure that we reached the hearts of our children with God's word. So in 1997, when we moved to North Carolina to work in a Native American mission church, we began developing Little Blessings Bible Lessons.  During their development, our friend, Karen, tested the lessons for two years in her toddler department at her church.  She still uses them! Our desire has been to offer a low-cost curriculum that can be used for various ages. For example, sometimes we teach children that are approaching six years old. So, instead of us cutting out the crafts, we assist them as they do the cutting.
     Donald is the engineer and he says that I'm the creative one. In other words, I come up with the ideas and he figures out how we can do it. Actually, I'm the messy one and he's the neat one!  °Ü°
     Donald worked for an aerospace company as an engineer but is retired. Through the years, I've been able to be at home with our children. We have been blessed with two children. Matt is our son and has been in youth ministry. He is now married to our sweet daughter- in-law, Dalia. Dalia is from El Salvador. She and Matt translated Little Blessings Bible Lessons into Spanish. What a blessing! Our daughter, Annie, works at home helping me in this ministry. She is always reachng out with love to others in our community.
    Donald graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1984. I also went to Rhema and graduated in 1995 with a specialty in children's ministry.
    The children shown below are among the many who have come to our preschool Bible classes.
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